Small group functional fitness from Crossfit L1 trainers

Do life better

Fitness BTB is Battambang's first functional fitness gym staffed with Crossfit Level One trainers we provide effective health solutions.

At Fitness BTB we want to help you do life better. We're interested in working with everyday people and helping them become healthier versions of themselves. We

Functional fitness is a methodology that aims to improve your capacity to complete real world movements - squatting to pick up your keys, lifting a bag full of shopping, playing with your kids, jumping over a fence. We use a combination of bodyweight, gymnastic based movements, weightlifting and cardio exercises to help you find a healthier version of yourself. 

We don't believe in quick fixes, fads or gimmicks. We aim for consistent improvement by encouraging our athletes to participate in regular activities that push them outside of their comfort zone, inside and outside of the gym.

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