Small group functional fitness from Crossfit L1 trainers

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Fitness BTB is Battambang's first functional fitness gym staffed with Crossfit Level One trainers we provide effective health solutions.

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Strength and Conditioning contains technical movements and require a foundational knowledge of olympic weightlifting, powerlifting and other movements.

To participate in a S&C class you need to either have experience in another CrossFit or Functional Fitness gym or be able to 'test out' on the more complicated movements. Otherwise we'll sign you up for our Foundations course. It runs for 4 sessions teaches you all you need to know about the basic movements.

We'd really encourage you to sign up for our next foundations class if you haven't had any experience.

Battambang Barbell Club stemmed out of our coaches' loneliness. Each morning since his lifting partner moved back to the USA, Dom would rock up and do strength training on his own and each afternoon Sat would work on his six pack by his lonesome. The BBC keeps them accountable to keep getting stronger. It's a strength focused program that concentrates on big lifts: Bench Press, Shoulder Press, Deadlift and Squat are the main work, with other accessory movements thrown in. If you want to do some extra strength work or don't want to work on your cardio (you should!) then this is a great program for you. 


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